Just For You

You have been rescued

By His everlasting love

You have been pursued

By a Father worth to have.

“You are my child, my beloved”

In the depths of His voice

This is what He said.

Be filled, Oh God’s Princess

Your heart unveils His beauty

Your smiles prove His glory

You are called to move and stand

And walk with Him hand in hand.

You may have a fragile heart

But it roars unceasingly for His grace

Lean on His everlasting arms

Keep the flame ablaze

Lift your hands to Jesus

Drink deep, drink more

Praise Him like never before

Shine and be ready to soar.

*A request from a beloved princess of God, Ms. Louise Mae Closa.

I honor her heart for Jesus.

I love you pretty diday. Desire for more of Him! 😀



From the Inside Out

For the past few days, I’ve been longing to write something; something that is hard to start with. My mind and my heart were pre-occupied by thoughts and emotions which haunted me even in my dreams.  Then one night, after those ups and downs, bumps and turns, God positioned me in a place where I just wanted to be consumed, be emptied and be filled again. It was indeed a sweet and awesome time!

Truly, God moves in mysterious ways. He is the God of unexpected surprises.

To be honest, I’m a person who’s afraid of committing mistakes; that’s my biggest fear.   I’ve always wanted to make sure that my decisions will work rightly and justly. I don’t want to feel regrets. For me, coming up with a decision is one of the hardest actions especially when caught to choose between two most valuable things in life.

BUT God is a god of restoration. He reminded me that we can overcome failures, fears and confusion as long as we believe that His might and power exist, that He is a merciful god and a god of second chances.  He always gives us the freedom to choose. God honors the desires of our hearts. Desires are desires; Dreams are dreams, it will happen in His time and will always be in our hearts if we firmly and consistently long for it. He is a loving and supportive father.

Whenever we make decisions…

“Stay put where God has called you—don’t run to the world for help but keep depending on the Lord and His abounding favor. Don’t give up on God. When your faith is in the One who multiplied the loaves and fish and who knows everything, you will flourish even in times of famine!” Ptr. JP

Understanding His ways is totally committing our lives for Him; following His words is surrendering our own thoughts and deepening our ears. We should be reminded of this at all times (I’m also talking to myself). Let us encourage ourselves to love Him… from the inside out. His will above all else.

A friend says, “A song will define who you are or what season you are in.” I should thank God (and Hillsong) for this song. I was moved.

From the Inside Out

A thousand times I’ve failed

Still Your mercy remains 

And should I stumble again

I’m caught in Your grace

Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades

Never ending Your glory goes beyond all fame

In my heart and my soul

Lord I give You control

Consume me from the inside out, 

 Lord, let justice and praise

Become my embrace

To love you from the inside out.

Your will above all else

My purpose remains

The art of losing myself

In bringing You praise

Everlasting Your light will shine when all else fades

Never ending Your glory goes beyond all fame

Lastly, I want to give my sincerest gratitude to those people who were there to send some hugs and cheers, enlightening words, time and heartfelt phone calls. Thank you and lots of love! I felt so blessed and encouraged to be surrounded by loving people (like you).

God is good all the time! Thank You Dad!  I’m breaking free!

GRI Version 3.1 Vs. GRI V4

This post is quite different from the usual.
Aside from the intent of keeping my notes during our training, I’d also like to share this to people who are interested with sustainability or sustainability reporting. Also, to highlight the difference between G3.1 and G4.
Let’s go GREEN!
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-profit organization that promotes economic, environmental and social sustainability. GRI provides all companies and organizations with a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework that is widely used around the world. (https://www.globalreporting.org/Information/about-gri/Pages/default.aspx)
A sustainability report enables companies and organizations to report sustainability information in a way that is similar to financial reporting.  Systematic sustainability reporting gives comparable data, with agreed disclosures and metrics.  (https://www.globalreporting.org/information/sustainability-reporting/Pages/default.aspx)
GRI Version 1 was released in 2000/2001.
V2 in 2002/2003
V3 in 2006
note: v1-v3 (can’t be used today)
GRI V3.1 2008 (won’t be used by 2015)
V4 released in 2013
Process in Preparing sustainability Report
Step 1: Identification (sustainability context)
> Identify the issues
Step 2: Prioritization
>How to:
1. Stakeholder engagement
2. Based on risk matrix
Step 3: Validate
Then….. REPORT
Step 1 to 3: Stakeholder inclusiveness
Step 4: Review
GRI is made up of:
Part I– Profile Disclosure
>company facts
Part II– Disclosure of Management Approaches
> How do you manage sustainability issues, policies,ISO, EMS
Part III– Performance Indicators
>ex: what is your carbon footprint
Part I and II are GRI Standard disclosures
Part III is GRI Indicator
Difference bet. G3.1 and G4
On G3.1 Levels of Reporting:
 GRI 3.1
On G4 SR Guidelines:
1. Core- Info which should be disclosed in all cases. It must undergo materiality test. To be a core, 50 indicators are required for Part 1. ex: salary disclosures of CEO
2. Comprehensive- info required in addition to the core requirement.
For G4:
>On auditing- everything must be checked
>no “+” (ex: B+, A+)
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On Waiting, Patience and Faith

I’ve been waiting for this “one thing” for almost a year.

I’ve been waiting for this “one letter” for almost two months.

Sometimes, I want to give up. I want to quit and stop dreaming. I don’t want to wait, I only have a little faith. It’s killing my patience. But God never fails to remind me of His beautiful plans. One night, I saw this from a friend’s FB status:

“God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith. but it’s worth the wait.”

Wow! Thank God for the sweet reminder. I was amazed. I felt something I never felt before. I couldn’t explain the feeling.

I’ll stay strong. I’m keeping the FAITH Daddy! I am patiently waiting, patiently waiting. Patience is a virtue.  There is a time for everything. And it will be worth the wait.


There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

An Open Letter to IV-A (Hestia)


JOURNEY by Lea Salonga

What a journey it has been

and the end is not in sight

but the stars are out tonight

and they’re bound to guide my way

when they’re shining on my life

I can see a better day

I won’t let the darkness in

what a journey it has been.


I haven’t heard this song for years. And then out of the blue, I heard it once again and of course I remembered you guys! (mushy! sniff! sniff!). It’s been almost six years after we all part ways. Indeed, we now all have our own walks in life and as what the song implies its end is not in our sight yet. We really can’t fortell what will happen to all of us in the next years to come. You know what guys , I really treasure you all, all the Hestia hunks and bodies. You are one of those whom I trust. 

When we were in our highschool years, I didn’t even think of what will happen to us after our graduation. I just want to spend the remaining moments that we can with each other’s company. Until one day I woke up and realized we now have our own lives yet still trying to connect with each other through different means of communication. We now all have new set of friends, teachers and even girlfriends or boyfriends for some (of course except me..hahaha). Some were continuing their battle in the academe and pursuing their dreams in life while others chose to build their own families as well as raising their children. Others work so hard and became the bread winner of their family, and with that I salute you guys. Unfortunately, there were also some whom we didn’t have any news while some sadly passed away.


Whenever I remembered the joyful times that I spent with you, I just smile and say “ayy, namiss ko sila”. I remembered those days when we were having our group presentations, group meetings in different houses, even our other class gatherings. I also couldn’t afford not to laugh whenever I remember those days of teasing each other, the tampuhans, the “bangkaan moments”, the cheating arrangements, and those times that we teased our teachers causing them to walk out of the room.

I wrote this note as a sense of my gratitude to you guys. I admit I also have my new set of friends, but I never did forget that once in my life I met you all and became part of who I am right now. .. I believe there are more things instore for all of us and I do hope that we will not forget each other even if time continues to pass by.

We all have our own dreams and I hope that we will be able to fulfill all of those. I know you all guys are doing great! We can all do it!. And as we continue to walk on our own paths, may all of each other’s memories be remembered always. I hope to see you all again soon! I am so excited to see a new you, or I must say a new us. And we will just laugh to each other and say “ikaw na ga yan” or “aa, akalain mo yun?”…

I may not express all I want to say in this note coz I believe a note cannot contain all of the memories we had in the past. A novel can do so but still without its end. Hope to see you again! I just miss your company…Godbless!




Flashback Friday: Dati

This song is indeed magical. Ang galing talaga ng Pinoy. Sobrang sarap pakinggan na halos ilang beses ko na atang napaulit ulit. Siguro dahil na din batang 90’s ako at dahil sa mga alaala ng kamusmusan. PumiPBB Teens! Pero seryoso, 90s pa lang uso na ata yun.

Naalala ko noong nasa Kindergarten ako, may lagi akong kasamang batang lalaki, itago nalang natin sa pangalang “Michael “(not his real name, nakalimutan ko na kasi. Eto lang yung pumasok sa isipan ko na parang eto nga ata yung pangalan nya). Halos magkapalit na kami ng mukha. Palagi kaming magkasama, magkalaro at magkasabay kumain at mag-aral. Kapag uwian at dumating na ang sundo ko (yung tatay ko pala yung sundo ko), lagi syang sumasabay sa motorsiklo namin. Minsan kapag wala pa yung sundo, sabay kami umuuwi muna papunta sa bahay nila para maghintay ng susundo. Magkakilala din kasi ang aming mga magulang.

Hindi nya ako iniiwan na mag-isa. Super buddies ika nga. Ngunit tulad ng ibang bata, nagkakatampuhan din kami pero minuto lang bati na agad.

Isang araw, habang naghihintay ng sundo, tahimik lang akong nagsusulat ng pangalan ko sa lupa gamit ang isang pirasong bato. Tahimik din sya ng biglang sabi nya, “Papakasalan kita” sabay guhit ng puso at pagsulat pangalan nya. Hala! Kasal agad? Syempre binatukan ko siya. Tapos, keber na lang. Gayunpaman, kahit di ko na masyadong maalala ang nakaraan dahil sa sobrang tagal na at bata ko pa,  di ko pa nalilimutan yung bahaging iyon ng aking pagkabata. Ewan ko ba.

Dumating yung araw ng aming pagtatapos sa Kinder at hindi ko na sya uli nakita pagkatapos ng gabing iyon. Wala man lamang akong litrato na kasama sya kasi umalis sila agad matapos niya daw umiyak. Kwento lang naman. Kung bakit, hindi ko na nalaman. Lumipas ang mga taon, nagkasalubong kami. Kakatapos ko lang sa kolehiyo noon. Ang daming nagbago. Hindi na kami nagpansinan, kahit na namukhaan naming ang isa’t isa. Pagkarating ko ng bahay, saka ko lang sya uli naalala (yung naalala talaga). At dahil gusto kong malaman kung kamusta na sya, tinanong ko ang aking butihing ina. Tsismis nya eh, pasaway na daw si Michael, di na nagtapos ng pag-aaral, nagkaroon ng bisyo. Kahit ganun ang mga narinig ko, sa utak ko, ang gwapo pa din nya. Shocks! Andun pa din ang malambot at bagsak nyang buhok, kumikinang pag nasisikatan ng araw, ang maputi niyang balat, singkit na mga mata at ang malalim na “dimples”. Pero syempre, tulad ng halos lahat ng babae, may ideal man din naman ako at alam kong hindi sya yun. Sa ngayon, may asawa na daw siya ngunit hindi kasal. Sabi pa nila, problema na daw siya ng nanay niya.

Yun lang. Yun lang. Yun lang.

Yun ang dati. Tara na lang at sabay umawit. 😀

DATI Lyrics

Datirati sabay pa nating pinangarap ang lahat
umaawit pa sa hangin at amoy araw ang balat
naaalala ko pa non nag-aagawan ng nintendo
kay sarap namang mabalikan ang ating kwento

lagi-lagi ka sa amin dumidiretso pag-uwi
maglalaro ng tao-taong piso-pisong nabili
umaawit ng theme song na sabay kinabisa
kay sarap namang mabalikan ang alaala

ikaw ang kasama buhat noon
ikaw ang pangarap hanggang ngayon

di bat ikaw nga yung reyna at ako ang iyong hari
ako yung prinsesang sagip mo palagi
ngunit ngayoy marami ng nabago’t nangyari
ngunit di ang pagtingin na gaya pa rin ng
dararatda dati
dararatda dati
dararatda dati
na gaya pa rin ng…

Datirati ay palaging sabay na mag syesta
at sabay rin gigising alas kwatro y medya
sabay manunuod ng paboritong programa
o kay tamis naman mabalikan ang alaala

di bat ikaw nga yung reyna at ako ang iyong hari
ako yung prinsesang sagip mo palagi
ngunit ngayoy marami ng nabago’t nangyari
ngunit di ang pagtingin na gaya pa rin ng

Rap: Quest
datirati ay naglalaro pa ng bahay-bahayan
gamit-gamit ang mantel na itinali sa kawayan
at pawang magkakalaban pag nag tataya-tayaan
pero singtamis ng kendi pag nagkakasal-kasalan
diba dati ay nagkukunwaring Marvin at Jolina
minsan ay tambalang Mylene at Bojo Molina
ang sarap sigurong balikan ng mga alaala
lalo na’t kung magkayap mga bata’t magkasama at

parang Julio at Julia lagi tayong magkasama
sabay tayong umiiyak pag inaapi si Sarah
una kang kinakatok sa pagsapit ng umaga
sana mabalik pa natin ating pagsasama

di bat ikaw nga yung reyna at ako ang iyong hari
ako yung prinsesang sagip mo palagi
ngunit ngayo’y malayo ka’t malabong mangyari
ang aking pagtingin,
oh ibulong nalang sa hangin
pangarap na lang din (pangarap na lang din)
na gaya pa rin ng ..

dararatda dati
dararatda dati
dararatda dati
na gaya pa rin

dararatda dati
dararatda dati
dararatda dati
na gaya pa rin ng..

ng dati…