GRI Version 3.1 Vs. GRI V4

This post is quite different from the usual.
Aside from the intent of keeping my notes during our training, I’d also like to share this to people who are interested with sustainability or sustainability reporting. Also, to highlight the difference between G3.1 and G4.
Let’s go GREEN!
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-profit organization that promotes economic, environmental and social sustainability. GRI provides all companies and organizations with a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework that is widely used around the world. (
A sustainability report enables companies and organizations to report sustainability information in a way that is similar to financial reporting.  Systematic sustainability reporting gives comparable data, with agreed disclosures and metrics.  (
GRI Version 1 was released in 2000/2001.
V2 in 2002/2003
V3 in 2006
note: v1-v3 (can’t be used today)
GRI V3.1 2008 (won’t be used by 2015)
V4 released in 2013
Process in Preparing sustainability Report
Step 1: Identification (sustainability context)
> Identify the issues
Step 2: Prioritization
>How to:
1. Stakeholder engagement
2. Based on risk matrix
Step 3: Validate
Then….. REPORT
Step 1 to 3: Stakeholder inclusiveness
Step 4: Review
GRI is made up of:
Part I– Profile Disclosure
>company facts
Part II– Disclosure of Management Approaches
> How do you manage sustainability issues, policies,ISO, EMS
Part III– Performance Indicators
>ex: what is your carbon footprint
Part I and II are GRI Standard disclosures
Part III is GRI Indicator
Difference bet. G3.1 and G4
On G3.1 Levels of Reporting:
 GRI 3.1
On G4 SR Guidelines:
1. Core- Info which should be disclosed in all cases. It must undergo materiality test. To be a core, 50 indicators are required for Part 1. ex: salary disclosures of CEO
2. Comprehensive- info required in addition to the core requirement.
For G4:
>On auditing- everything must be checked
>no “+” (ex: B+, A+)
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