Dis-selfieship to Discipleship

There’s no such thing as selfie long ago ’til we were invaded by the latest technology invented humankind. It is a very helpful tool for communication, however, too much use is not helpful at all. Instead of putting all our selfies online, why not let us pause for a moment and put away all our gadgets. Walk, feel the air and make true friends.

“Who says you can only post a throwback photo on Thursdays?”

You are not defined by the social applications you have, by your cellphone, or by what others say about you in social media. The best of who you are is by simply being you- with or without people around you. It’s time for us to stop being too focused with ourselves. Now is the time to care about others, raise up leaders and history makers.

Let’s make disciples and keep away from too much use of our gadgets. Let us change the world for the better and not let the world change us.