Transformation vs. Transaction: Mastering the Art of Getting to Know Someone

Here’s a must watch video of Candace Bertotti entitled Mastering the art of getting to know someone.

It is now time to create a bigger impact and it starts with you- us. This will only happen if we will be authentic. Be true to yourself. Be true to others. We are in a world where we exist with OTHERS. Thus, the saying “No man is an island” will always be true. How can we/ you be an impact to other person’s life, to your officemate, to your friend or even to strangers? What will be your legacy? How do you want to be remembered? Bottomline: Be transformational and not just do things for the sake of transactions. Be curious with someone else’s life. You may not know how much he/she needs you- your advise, your smile, your listening skills or your encouragements. Small acts of curiosity can make bigger impacts. Questions with the intentions to honor, value and connect can be transformational.

Be in the moment. Be Present.


The Giving Frame

Does Santa make us selfish? Maybe it’s time to redefine Santa. It’s not just about Santa. Perhaps we should also start living in the frame of giving. We, adults, should teach kids what generosity is all about. The words we use will always influence others especially kids.

Jesus is the best example of a great giver. He didn’t ask for anything after all the things and miracles He did. We should be like Jesus, selfless (selfless with wisdom).  And because Christmas day is fast approaching, we should be reminded that Christmas is not about receiving, it’s all about giving. Jesus was born to save us (still it’s all about US). Jesus died on the cross to save us (still it’s all about US). He gave His life for us, for the sake of many. It is significant reminder that we should never forget to give. Also, be a cheerful giver because giving cheerfully makes us feel good inside and out.

As what Deuteronomy 16:17 said Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which he has given you. Let us all learn how to give because our God is able. He has blessed us with all the blessings so that we can share it and have fellowship with each other. Let’s make this season about THEM and not all about ME. Think of ways on how this holiday could brighten up someone else’s life and at the same time be an encouragement to you.

Now, what will your Christmas be? Will it be about getting or receiving?