An Open Letter to IV-A (Hestia)


JOURNEY by Lea Salonga

What a journey it has been

and the end is not in sight

but the stars are out tonight

and they’re bound to guide my way

when they’re shining on my life

I can see a better day

I won’t let the darkness in

what a journey it has been.


I haven’t heard this song for years. And then out of the blue, I heard it once again and of course I remembered you guys! (mushy! sniff! sniff!). It’s been almost six years after we all part ways. Indeed, we now all have our own walks in life and as what the song implies its end is not in our sight yet. We really can’t fortell what will happen to all of us in the next years to come. You know what guys , I really treasure you all, all the Hestia hunks and bodies. You are one of those whom I trust. 

When we were in our highschool years, I didn’t even think of what will happen to us after our graduation. I just want to spend the remaining moments that we can with each other’s company. Until one day I woke up and realized we now have our own lives yet still trying to connect with each other through different means of communication. We now all have new set of friends, teachers and even girlfriends or boyfriends for some (of course except me..hahaha). Some were continuing their battle in the academe and pursuing their dreams in life while others chose to build their own families as well as raising their children. Others work so hard and became the bread winner of their family, and with that I salute you guys. Unfortunately, there were also some whom we didn’t have any news while some sadly passed away.


Whenever I remembered the joyful times that I spent with you, I just smile and say “ayy, namiss ko sila”. I remembered those days when we were having our group presentations, group meetings in different houses, even our other class gatherings. I also couldn’t afford not to laugh whenever I remember those days of teasing each other, the tampuhans, the “bangkaan moments”, the cheating arrangements, and those times that we teased our teachers causing them to walk out of the room.

I wrote this note as a sense of my gratitude to you guys. I admit I also have my new set of friends, but I never did forget that once in my life I met you all and became part of who I am right now. .. I believe there are more things instore for all of us and I do hope that we will not forget each other even if time continues to pass by.

We all have our own dreams and I hope that we will be able to fulfill all of those. I know you all guys are doing great! We can all do it!. And as we continue to walk on our own paths, may all of each other’s memories be remembered always. I hope to see you all again soon! I am so excited to see a new you, or I must say a new us. And we will just laugh to each other and say “ikaw na ga yan” or “aa, akalain mo yun?”…

I may not express all I want to say in this note coz I believe a note cannot contain all of the memories we had in the past. A novel can do so but still without its end. Hope to see you again! I just miss your company…Godbless!





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