Moving on: Redefined

“We’ve been into this. Almost all of us, I guess. It’s a feeling or a condition when someone lost something or someone yet trying to push through life. It’s not easy. Trust me. Even if you repeatedly tell yourself that you are moving on, still, there’s a part of you that is left behind. You’re left in a place where past could put you into a jail of rotten memories. Moving on is the best antidote to a state of stillness that everyone needs to mend a broken heart and calm the pain and the sobs of yesterday. Moving on is difficult to achieve. It needs a great leap forward (Sadili, 2012).”

I never thought I’d be able to write those words. But oh well, I did. It was November of 2012. I had no choice. I needed to write it before my heart and my mind explode. So yeah, after almost 2 years, it is a different thing to me.

“Moving on” can help us realize and accept the fact that once in our lives we were there in our rotten past. Things change. People change so does the heart. But more than anything, in the midst of the struggles and when we acknowledge the truth and the beauty of the lessons and experiences that it can offer, it can actually give a different kind of courage- courage to take new risks, new chances and new opportunities. Moving on makes days come so easy. Moving on is letting go of the hurts and the doubts. Moving on is establishing your self trust. The act of “Moving on” is not to be chased, it is an option, it is a decision, and it is a process. Moving on is recognizing the imperfections of the world and forgiving yourself for something you may no longer have. To move on is an act, to continue with life is a journey, and to become better is a breakthrough. Choose to breakthrough and breakfree. Choose not to look back but never forget; forgive so you will never regret.

Yes, I’m better now. New life, new perspective. Everything has changed.


I Love You Too Much – Diego Luna

Just watched The Book of Life and I fell in love with this song. *melancholy* Maybe this is the kind of song that I’ve always wanted to hear.

I love you too much
to leave without you loving me back
I love you too much
heaven’s my witness and this is a fact

I know I belong
when I sing this song
There’s lovable flow and it’s ours
’cause I love you too much

I live for your touch
I whisper your name night after night
I love you too much
There’s only one feeling and I know its right

I know I belong
when I sing this song
There’s lovable flow and it’s ours
’cause I love you too much

Heaven knows your name and I’ve been praying
to have you come here by my side
Without you a part of me is missing
Just to make you my whole life will fly

I know I belong
when I sing this song
There’s lovable flow and it’s ours
’cause I love you too much

I love…. you too much
I love you too much
Heaven’s my witness and this is a fact
You live in my soul
Your heart is my gold
There’s lovable flow but its mine ’cause I love you
There’s lovable love and it’s yours cause I love you
There’s lovable flow and it’s ours if you love me as much

Could You Be?

Kiss me under a pale moon light
I need a little of me and more of You
Love me under the stars at night
It is You that I want to pursue
Save me, I’m falling and drowning
Love me, I’m in need of You
Could You be my happy ending?
Could You be right here for forever too?
Make me Yours til eternity
Take me to a place there’s only You and me
Lead me to somewhere I can be invincible
Hear me now, hear me out
Empty me until I have nothing else
Love me until everything makes sense
You are the one who makes my days better
I need You my happily ever after

Are You Keeping Your Love in Silence?

“The little bit you and me might change the world”

Maloy smiled. ” It wouldn’t show up until a hundred years after we we’re dead.”

“We’d never see it.”

“But it’d be there.”

-James Jones, From Here to Eternity

So here’s another tearjerker video. Enjoy! 🙂

Have you ever wished your thoughts could be heard so its voice could reach the one you love?

Confessing your feelings to someone you love is not as easy as sipping a hot caramel coffee- that if you love the flavour you’ll really give your courage to drink it. You are prepared to endure the pain of every burning sip.

A friend once told me, “Sometimes pain is not so much about whether the other person doesn’t like or love you back, it’s about you not telling the person how or what you feel that’s why it hurts.”

You might say, “There is no rejection when you love someone is silence”. But you are actually afraid of rejection. There is a loud rotten voice inside of you wanted to unleash but you choose to keep it yourself.

You might say, “There are words that are better left unsaid”. The truth is you lack the courage to push it through.

But here’s the thing. Silence is not a tool for communication. Communication is a different thing. You will never understand a person unless you ask or communicate.

Sometimes, it’s good to keep your love in silence but the best way to understand what you really feel is when you communicate it to the other person. You may not know the consequences but at least you tried. You may finally have the assurance of what the other person feels about you- so it will keep yourself away from assumptions, pains and regrets.

“Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to.”


“Love leaves exactly when love must.”

Love is just everywhere.

At the end of the day, it’s still about you and what you feel. It’s about your choices and your willingness to face the consequences. But you don’t want to wait for forever then be surprised that it’s already late, right? ^_^

Ngiti Na

Kung mamasdan mo lang ang milyong bituin
Matatanaw mo ang nilimot mong mga pangarap
Kung miminsang hayaan mong liparin ka ng hangin
Dadalhin ka nito sa pinakamataas na ulap
Kalimutan mo na ang hapis at pighati
Yapusin mo ang hapdi ang walang pagsisisi
Tinatawag kang muli ng iyong puso
Patungo sa paraisong pangarap mo ang bumuo
Hayaan mo lang magpatuloy ang iyong kwento
Pagkatapos ng bawat tuldok, siguradong may istoryang bago
Patuloy kang mabuhay sa ritmo ng iyong damdamin
Huwag ka ng magdalawang isip na ito ay sundin
Puso mo man ay nabalot ng dilim at  hikbi
Wag kang padadaig sa mga hamon ng gabi
Hangga’t ikaw ay patuloy na humihinga
Nawa ay makita mo na palaging may bagong umaga
Ngiti na, maglakbay ka at dinggin ang bagong tinig
Ngiti na, bukas palad ng muli para sa’yo ang daigdig
Ngiti na, naghihintay na ang makulay na buhay
Ngiti na, ngitli lang hanggang makitang muli bukang liwayway.


There is a soul craving to whisper at its best

So here’s a poem to someone she haven’t met yet

She’s got words so dear, sweet music to her ears

Seeking for gentle sonnets penned by Shakespeare

Oh what good would it bring if she knew nothing?

She knew nothing even thy beautiful name

Still there’s a gravity holding down her being

And illuminates the day when there’s heavy rain

She asked, “Do you love ice cream? If yes, I’ll be here waiting”.

“Tell me your much-loved movies. So I’ll know where to begin”.

“What’s that book that will always stay with you?”

“I would love to share mine, so you could read it too.”

She asked, “Can you see the shapes of the clouds?”

“Now, you can see the shape of my heart.”

And then suddenly her heart beats so loud.

She’s beginning to think that love’s not a mirage.

As the moon bids good night and the sun greets “Hi”

Her scribbles of an unknown creature in the clear night sky

They might slowly disappear without saying goodbye

But will be intimately remembered like the kisses of a butterfly