My heart bleeds for the life of Mary Jane and other victims of human trafficking, greed for money and the likes. I remember when I went back home just recently, I met a Filipina maid in the airport who fortunately had the chance to escape from her abusive employer. She reported it to her agency but, unfortunately, the agency just kept her in their office, told her not to tell the story to anyone. She was not allowed to give calls or go out of the office. She was still in fear the day I met her. So where was the PH government in this situation? Trust issues? Ignorance of the law? That I don’t know. She needed encouragements that time more than the questions. Undoubtedly, the PH embassy wasn’t informed. No one was there to assist her. She was given a flight ticket back to PH with only 50 pesos in her pocket. None of her relatives were there when she arrived. It was really heartbreaking. 

To the Indonesian government: The Filipino people are not requesting for pardon, we just want a just and fair investigation. We respect your law, that’s why appeals were submitted. The law was created to protect the innocent and to punish the guilty. What if she is really innocent? What’s the point of your law? All we want is respect for truth; we are just fighting for a life that is worth saving for. Killing MJ does not mean victory over drug syndicates. It is actually giving them more opportunities and new strategies to use innocent people to do their thing.

To PH Government: #%$!!!!!!@@@@!!***%%%%%!!!!! T T

To everyone: If we want a positive change, we should start the change that we want NOW. We all argue whether to push death penalty or not. We all argue what punishment should be given to all those who did crimes and the likes. We all argue whether people can change for the better. We all argue in everything that we don’t understand and even to those we understand. But the thing is, before we argue with these things, let us have a moment with ourselves. What are you doing to change the world? Is it for the better? Is it for your own benefit? Is it for the sake of the future generations? How do you value life? How do you value others? Is it worth doing? Or is it worth living? TAKE ACTION!

-The End-