The LDR Letter


Dear Love,

You said you have read the pieces written in here; the heartbreaks, the happiness and the roller coasters. Were you a stalker? I bet not. You were just a fan. Just kidding. You asked me when will I write about us. I said ” I don’t know. I don’t know what to write.”  I want you to know that I said those seemingly uncertain words not because of uncertainty but because there are just a lot of things to write and I don’t know where to begin.

Now, I am writing this not because I know what to write but because I know where to begin. I want to begin writing again for you. I want this new beginning for you cause you are my new beginning. I don’t really know what to write cause I got a lot of things in my mind. So please bear with me for my thoughts will be as random as my thoughts when I am sleepy.  You know that too well.

I want to thank you for coming into my life. You are the biggest surprise God has given me. Well, you were literally surprising. I won’t forget that funny-random-shocking moment of us that random-comedic- special day at the parking area. Thank you for giving me the chance to love and be loved. Thank you so much for your patience and love whenever I am so vulnerable. Thank you so much for your comfort and understanding- I am encouraged always. Thank you for the little things- for you know to me that really matters. Thank you for making me feel beautiful whenever I feel I am not. Thank you for being the strength and the shoulder I can lean on this season of my life. Thank you for being the man for me.

The thought of not seeing you and your smiles everyday, every weekend or whenever I want to see you saddens me- so much. But I believe that we can overcome this season together. Distance might matter so much but I know we can do this; and someday soon everything else will fall into place. And we will be together forever. We will go travel again, eat our favorite dishes, listen to random music, crack our jokes, walk around anywhere holding each other’s hands- together someday oneday soon.

I know you don’t want long letters; you don’t celebrate monthsary or maybe even anniversary; you don’t really give flowers even if there’s no occasion; you as well forget dates or events; you are not too hopeless romantic; you are Malaysian while I’m a Filipina- these and other things make us opposite people but you are the sweetest, the kindest, most humble, and the most patient person I know. Believe me. I love you not just for who you are but even for who you are not. I love your imperfections and I’m embracing our differences with all my might. More than that, let us enjoy- together- our similarities. I know we do have- a lot.

As years pass by, I pray that we will even be stronger. No matter what happens, it will always be you. I pray that we will be able to defy distance for our future. I hope you could do that too. Let’s both wait patiently for that time it will be forever you and I. We both know that we still have a lot of things to learn in this relationship- a lot of truth to discover- a lot of characters to unveil- a lot of patience and love to give. I hope and I pray we will never get tired of learning how to love each other-every second of our life.

To the most adorable man ever aside from the Lord and my father, I love you so much! May we have more and more years and memories together! To my first and my last, see you soon!