by me..(a daughter of GOD)

I want my heart to be broken for You

I want my life to be laid upon You

I want my soul to feel the hunger

I want You to be my one and only lover.

All I want is to see Your face

All I want is to feel Your embrace

Through me I want Your name to be praised

Through me the world will see Your grace.

With a smile, I wanna feel You in the rain

I can’t prevent this voice shouting for Your name

Your glory and love have been painted in the sky

And with Your majesty I wanna soar high.

Capture me again, I wanna hear Your melody

Lead me back at Your feet, I wanna be broken victoriously

Capture me again, I want You, only You,

Capture me again ‘cos this heart is for You.


The First Time

The first time I encountered you, I didn’t know what loves about.
The first time I saw you, I couldn’t help but doubt.
But for the first time in my life, I felt I’m loved.
I learned to appreciate the beautiful skies above.
For the first time in my life, I felt so secured.
Even the senses of pain were totally cured.
The first time I felt your embrace and your presence
I finally realized my whole and true essence.
I don’t want to lose you anymore
I just want to be with you forevermore.
Please do not close your door
For I want you to be beside me when I soar.
Surround me with your arms of love
Cover me with beautiful skies above
Lord, take me higher, take me deeper
Take me to a place I will always remember.
I was once lost and had no direction
But you still love me without condition
You gave me everything for no reason
And cared for me without any expectations.