One afternoon while the sun was hiding its majestic light behind the clouds, I just found my self walking around the campus not knowing where to go. My mind was in the midst of thinking some plans that I wanted to fulfill but it was really unusual that I didn’t even have one. It ended up as if I was thinking of nothing. My thoughts were emptied and I felt like a blank paper waiting for a pen or a pencil to come at that moment and write something in my mind.  I waited once again for a moment hoping something will came up in my thoughts but I was surrounded with an atmosphere of quietness and peacefulness. The murmurs of the people, the sound of the vehicles were not even distinct, until a glimpse of my dream the other night passed by. I was in a spiritual realm when I had those widespread dreams. When I woke up I was totally in an peaceful yet explainable feeling. But it was one of those dreams that I also wanted to witness at that very time. It seemed to be unbelievable. In my dream was a man praying for me. The prayer he uttered in my dream felt like there’s something that will be released or I will see something like of a diamond. But to my surprise when I asked him to pray for me after that dream, his prayer goes like this, “Father, I pray for this precious diamond that she may have the victory…….” and so on. Amazing, what I am looking for is a diamond not knowing that I am a manifestation of a precious diamond. And that startling dream changed the momentum. I felt so encouraged. I got my pen and paper and started to write down things that were overflowing in my thoughts.

There is no doubt that our heavenly Father uses many ways to speak to his children. One way is through our dreams and visions. Dreams are God’s given words and images to us. He gave us dreams for us to accomplish and so His dreams to be fulfilled. There are instances that our dreams and visions in life are hindered by the situation we are in or even the people around us but then again, it is our choice. To pursue the dreams of God for us or to let it pass by.

Dreams are what our hearts desire. God gave us dreams to encourage us and provide us something great for our future. The time given to us to dream is finite but as long as we can dream we should not stop dreaming. Let us dream big and dream the dreams of God, our Father. Prophetic dreams are sanctified dreams and a gift of the Holy Spirit. God has many dreams for us, dreams for victory and breakthroughs. Let us desire to be like our Father, dreaming for a higher level of spiritual realm and the atmosphere of supernaturals. God is really an omnipotent God because He is speaking to us through dreams yet sometimes we didn’t even notice. It is an amazing way to hear the voice of God.

On the other hand, not all dreams are from God. There are times that we see unnecessary or unwanted dreams when we are asleep. Those dreams are forms of discouragement of the enemy. There are also dreams that serve as warning for us and need an appropriate prayer. Sometimes we have dreams which we cannot understand and with that we should find the right person to interpret the dream. If we want more prophetic dreams while we are sleeping, we should be a steward of His revelations.

Likewise, those dreams while we are awake are also God’s gift to us. Dreams are made to become reality. It is just like faith that without actions are dead. It will eventually be buried in our minds if we choose to. We can freely decide to pursue our dreams and choose our own destiny. Dreams are like precious diamonds that must be treasured for a lifetime. We should not let the day pass by without planning ahead and not even looking a glimpse of our future.

Leaders are dreamers. Dreamers will become great leaders.

Dreams, both while awake or sleep, can change our life and can launch us into great big new adventures in our life. We have differences but we are given deeper senses to be able to unite for one dream, to have one vision and to execute same plans, all for his name’s sake and glory. Testimonies must not just be dreams, but dreams can be testimonies. To testify God’s goodness is an atmosphere changer. Even if no one believes you, it is your dream. It comes from God, it is your desire, no one can deny it. No one can! It is probably a great experience to share dreams and others need to hear different examples of how God works. There is a mutual blessing when a dream turned into a testimony is shared.

The time has come for us to dream big. Dream for the future. Dream the dreams of God.