The Environmental Evangelist

Ever since I was a child, I am fond of looking at the sky, watching -the clouds [as they move and disappear], the trees [dancing gracefully], the river flowing, the sun rising and bidding goodbye, the rainbows with magnificent hues, the oceans with their dancing waves, the colorful butterflies, the birds chirping in the morning and everything else that God has made [except for reptiles, I’m so sorry.]. Oh nature.

I don’t just like nature. I love it. I love how God created all these things. This is maybe the reason why I’m in this field now. I may not be as great as the apostles who built or will build a church in different places, a prophet who will tell the word of God and what’s in it for the future, but I’m very happy to be a teacher on how to save nature, [just like the gratitude of serving nations]. Above all, I want to be an “environmental-evangelist”. Para sa makakalikasang pamumuhay! We should not just win people and lead them to God, we should also be good stewards of the environment.

I suddenly remember a line from one of my favorite books:

“Our Earth is like a child who has grown up without parents, having no one to guide and direct her. ” As Jesus spoke, his voice intensified in subdued anguish. “Some have attempted to help her, but most have simply tried to use her. Humans, who have been given the task to lovingly steer the world, instead pluder her, with no consideration other than their immediate needs. And they give little thought to their own children, who will inherit their lack of love. So they use her and abuse her with little consideration, and then when she shudders or blows her breath, they are often offended and raised their fists at GOD. (Jesus to Mackenzie)” pp. 153-154, The Shack by WM P Young

Mack : ” So why don’t you fix it?… The Earth I mean.”

Jesus: Because we gave it you.

Mack: “Can’t You take it back?”


Jesus:  Have you noticed that even though you call me Lord and King I have never really acted in that capacity with you? I’ve never taken control of your choices or forced you to do anything, even what you were about to do was destructive or hurtful to yourself or others.”

Mack:  “I would have preferred that you take control at times…”

Jesus: “To force my will on you is exactly what LOVE does not do. Genuine relationships are marked with submission even when your choices are not helpful or healthy.”

This is who God is. He entrusted us of His creations. This is why we have to do our part. It’s also for us.

Here are some of the photos I took using my phone. The photos I am so much in love with.ImageImage