There is Something In You

I See Something by Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

“All of us has something special that makes us as beautiful. Do you know what makes you special? Now, the answer to that can be a little difficult to find because sometimes life has a cruel way. […] When you’re broken, it’s very difficult to feel special.”

When you’re lost and broken it’s difficult to feel special. But when you feel that you are loved and trusted by the people you value the most, those broken pieces in your heart can be fixed once again. Love heals, love completes, love sees, love fixes- Love Does. Never forget that you are special and unique in your own way. Believe that there is something in you- there is something in you that only you can discover. There is something in you that the world needs. Never give up when the world gives you challenges, they are your opportunities to discover the person that is within you. You have potentials waiting to be unleashed. There is something in you. Lastly, do not forget to see something beautiful and unique about the people around you. They are just there waiting- waiting for your love and affirmation. “There is something in you”- five words that can change lives. Do not hesitate to speak it out.


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