A Love Inside [A Note for Men and Women]

Did you ever experience to love someone? A love so deep, a love that satisfies, a love that gives a bliss and a love that your heart can’t contain. Did you ever love someone so righteous that you don’t want to make even a single mistake? Did you ever feel a love that will never last? Did you ever love someone even though it hurts- it hurts so much that you don’t want to fall in love again? Did you ever love someone from a distance? Did you ever love somebody you know will never love you back but still you choose to love? If you did, you know how that one love, that love inside of you changes everything.

As we walk through this life, we discover a million tiny or big things about love. Sometimes, we don’t even know it is love not until we realize that we just miss our chance. And that’s the time we feel that love’s a traitor. However, LOVE is and will never be a traitor. It is our options and decisions that disappoint us, teach us to hate people and force ourselves to become someone we are not made for. Love is and will always be beautiful, you just have to believe.

I remembered Ps. Carlo’s preaching the last time I attended the Destiny Manila’s Service. He said: Love is not who you can see yourself with but who you can see yourself without. I was pondering on this the whole day and I realized that when we badly want something, we try to do everything just to get it- sometimes because we need it or we just want to have it. But when we don’t want to lose something, we value and take care of it because we want to keep it much more than how much we need it. I hope you’re getting what I mean. I am still vividly thinking of how to expound it. If you think the same thing as mine and you have a clearer picture on how to explain it, please do share it with me.

After nth hours of thinking, I’ve also thought of sharing a short reminder for men and women out there. This is the love I have inside for every man and woman of this generation.

Dear Ms. Beautiful,

I pray that your heart is in a good condition while reading this. I would like to tell you that you are lovely; you are gorgeous; you are beautiful just the way you are because you are a Princess of the Most High. As the Princess of God, please don’t lower your standards just to be noticed by men. Your body is the temple of God. Think of how should a temple be taken care of. Yes. That’s it. It should be take care with love, elegance and purity. Just be yourself and don’t aim to be someone else. Use your beauty for Him and Him alone. You are worth fighting for. You are meant to be pursued. Prepare yourself as you wait for God’s perfect timing and plans. Choose for the man who loves the Lord first and as much as how he loves you. Choose for a man of vision, prayer and faithfulness. Choose for the man responsible and devoted to you and your family. Choose for a man with sensitive spirit and is faithful to whatever the Lord has given him. Don’t settle for anything less. Pray for your man. Be the woman of God and the woman with the same quality you are looking for in a man.

Dear Mr. Handsome,

You are the man of God. You are a great warrior and leader of God’s Kingdom. You are meant to protect the woman you love and not to take advantage of her. Use your strength and your wisdom in a way that will always honor a woman. Be a gentleman. Be willing to do things a woman would love to even if you don’t want it (for example: just by simply watching cheesy movies and other woman stuff). You are meant to lead your woman to God as well as your family. Pursue God. Do not be someone else just to impress girls. Be who you are but never forget to always choose to become a better person. A man who is always willing to learn and improve. Women are emotional whilst most of the men are secretive of their feelings. Herein, Be open to your woman. Don’t ever forget to communicate. Don’t just hide inside your cave until your fear subside. You might miss your best chance. Be courageous enough to face your fears and the consequences. Do not say faulty words to your woman. Be a man of encouragement instead of being burden. Be a man of motivation. 

All the best. May we all meet our Ms. and Mr. the one in His perfect time. Wait patiently. Remember: It is always who you are while waiting that matters most.




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