Vision 20/20 List for 2015

2015 calendar

Since it’s a brand new and exciting year, let me share my all-new Vision 20/20 list with you. This is actually the third year that I am having my Vision 20/20 list. So before you start reading my 2015 Vision 20/20 list, I would like to share with you first a glimpse of what happened to my 2014 list.

2014 Vision 20/20 list

1. Be a blessing and a testimony to others and to the nations of the world. Plus, be more faithful! [In fairness, Number 1 agad! Thank You Lord for giving me such an opportunity to be a blessing. There were a lot of things happened here in Malaysia this year. I’ve got a lot of new friends and connections. It was also my first time to join the ICPM event and the ministry work in Penang, yey!]

2. Masters degree (finish it in 4 sems only) in Malaysia, award-winning thesis, and avail of scholarship grants, favor from teachers and adviser. [Medyo winowork out pa, but thank You Lord for the progress. Indeed, I’ve got unexpected and awesome favors from my colleagues and teachers. Thank You Jesus pa rin for my adviser.]

3. Job/ Part-time job (with good compensation, learnings, and great workmates/environment, and a work I will dearly love. Lord, pwede UN? :D) [I didn’t just get one but two jobs before the end of 2014. Thank You Lord for the opportunities and my bosses. I am so blessed. It’s not yet UN but still they’re both international companies. lol. I’ve got a chance to work with SIRIS, an Australian based research company and currently with RSPO, an international organization for Sustainable palm oil industries. Isn’t it amazing? I also got amazing officemates. Though I was the only rose among the thorns, it was a fun filled learning experience to be with the team of brilliant men.]

4. Provisions, blessings, breakthroughs, favor, happiness and abundance for me and my family [He is such an awesome God. I’ve got overflowing provisions, blessings, breakthroughs, favor, happiness and abundance in 2014. I won’t elaborate it, but more than all these things, I want to thank God for the people He gave me to accompany me in receiving and experiencing all these. ]

5. Good health and safety (for me and my family) [Thank You Lord for the healings, good health and covering. This is the best of my 2014 list. Health is wealth. We are wealthy because we are healthy. You might see this again in my 2015 list. 🙂 ]

6. Learn how to drive a car and of course, I want a CAR! [I haven’t started yet on my driving lessons. I still don’t have a car. But I still want to accomplish this. Soon!]

7. Business for my parents! [Thank You Lord for the provisions.]

8. Fully furnish our house in Batangas! [Ongoing. Medyo delayed since I went here in MY and registered for a post-grad course. But, I promise to accomplish this, COMING SOON! Onting push na lang]

9. Job for my sister after graduation (before the end of July 2014) (with good compensation, great learnings, and great workmates/environment, and a work she will also love) [It took months of waiting, but she was able to get the job before the end 2014. Yey! Thank You Lord! May katulong na ako. lol]

10. Travel (Philippines or other countries) (with family) [And yes! Did this though not with my biological family. I should have specifically stated it here. Yet, it was a great experience to travel with my Destiny Malaysia family.]

11. Save, save, save and Insurance. [I didn’t have the insurance yet I was able to save for my tuition fees and other expenses while I’m still here in MY. 🙂 ]

12. Good academic standing for my siblings. [Thanks too Lord for blessing my siblings with good grades.]

There you go! Thank You Lord and thanks to you [whoever you are reading this] for being part of my 2014. I am so blessed to experience an amazing and abundant year with you. 2014 was indeed a year of taking risks and making things happen! I am now more than excited for 2015. All things will work together for good.

Hello 2015! I declare that you will be my year of completion [all the things that are still pending; post grad matters and those that I wasn’t able to accomplish in the past years], double blessings, and more open doors [opportunities, nations, scholarships, awards etc.]. The best things are yet to come! AMEN!

Now, here’s my Vision 20/20 list. Have yours too and you’ll be surprised and amazed of what God can do in a year.

2015 Vision 20/20 List

1. Greater things and supernatural experiences for Destiny Malaysia. Increase in team’s number and more connections for each member. Glorious house church that will be a blessing and a testimony to all Malaysians and Filipinos or other nationalities in Malaysia.

2. Good health, safety and covering for me, my family and relatives and DMI-MY/SOMA family.

3. Provisions, supernatural experiences, breakthroughs, acceleration, higher level of favor and abundance, never ending happiness for me and my family

4. No tragedy, crimes, floods and other calamities for the WHOLE WIDE WORLD especially Asia. No deaths, debts, sickness, war, and all things that are from the enemy. Let there be peace on Earth.

5. Finish my post grad study and my thesis this year [declaring to finish it before Christmas of 2015]. No more extensions. Avail of scholarship or grants. Award winning thesis. Safety during data gathering, wisdom during data analysis and thesis writing, favor from all those that are involved in my study esp. Adviser, committee member and the VIVA officers. More patience!

6. Acceleration and continuous Job/ Part time Job [with awesome environment and favor from colleagues; and a fun filled learning experience] to support my studies, everyday expenses and family. Lord, I’m still desiring for UN or ADB. 😀

7. More safe and unforgettable travel [PH or international] with family or friends. May it be work related, ministry related or for personal satisfaction. 

8. I want to SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! money for the future and for family insurance. No more debts! Be more faithful to my tithes.

9. Open doors for my sister. Greater opportunities and an awesome job for her- a job that she will really love, higher compensation, a favorable workplace and a job that will develop her abilities and skills. And for my brothers, more of good deeds, good academic standing, and favors from classmates and teachers. 

10.Higher wisdom on love, relationship and leadership matters to avoid heartbreaks, wrong actions and unnecessary leadership thoughts. Thus, read more inspiring books. Deeper relationship with God.

11. Publish a book or a journal. 

12. New lappy with higher storage memory and better system. Give Toshiba lappy to family. New gadgets and give old gadgets to others who are in need! Thus, more provisions and source of financial blessings. 

13. Explore, learn and do new things. More volunteer experiences. More and better initiatives for Mother Earth. 


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