Moving on: Redefined

“We’ve been into this. Almost all of us, I guess. It’s a feeling or a condition when someone lost something or someone yet trying to push through life. It’s not easy. Trust me. Even if you repeatedly tell yourself that you are moving on, still, there’s a part of you that is left behind. You’re left in a place where past could put you into a jail of rotten memories. Moving on is the best antidote to a state of stillness that everyone needs to mend a broken heart and calm the pain and the sobs of yesterday. Moving on is difficult to achieve. It needs a great leap forward (Sadili, 2012).”

I never thought I’d be able to write those words. But oh well, I did. It was November of 2012. I had no choice. I needed to write it before my heart and my mind explode. So yeah, after almost 2 years, it is a different thing to me.

“Moving on” can help us realize and accept the fact that once in our lives we were there in our rotten past. Things change. People change so does the heart. But more than anything, in the midst of the struggles and when we acknowledge the truth and the beauty of the lessons and experiences that it can offer, it can actually give a different kind of courage- courage to take new risks, new chances and new opportunities. Moving on makes days come so easy. Moving on is letting go of the hurts and the doubts. Moving on is establishing your self trust. The act of “Moving on” is not to be chased, it is an option, it is a decision, and it is a process. Moving on is recognizing the imperfections of the world and forgiving yourself for something you may no longer have. To move on is an act, to continue with life is a journey, and to become better is a breakthrough. Choose to breakthrough and breakfree. Choose not to look back but never forget; forgive so you will never regret.

Yes, I’m better now. New life, new perspective. Everything has changed.


2 thoughts on “Moving on: Redefined

    • Hmm. For me kuya, I think both. When you move on, you are actually moving forward. There’s no such thing as moving on tapos pabackward. But when you move forward make sure that you will not forget yourself and things that you learned.

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