There is a soul craving to whisper at its best

So here’s a poem to someone she haven’t met yet

She’s got words so dear, sweet music to her ears

Seeking for gentle sonnets penned by Shakespeare

Oh what good would it bring if she knew nothing?

She knew nothing even thy beautiful name

Still there’s a gravity holding down her being

And illuminates the day when there’s heavy rain

She asked, “Do you love ice cream? If yes, I’ll be here waiting”.

“Tell me your much-loved movies. So I’ll know where to begin”.

“What’s that book that will always stay with you?”

“I would love to share mine, so you could read it too.”

She asked, “Can you see the shapes of the clouds?”

“Now, you can see the shape of my heart.”

And then suddenly her heart beats so loud.

She’s beginning to think that love’s not a mirage.

As the moon bids good night and the sun greets “Hi”

Her scribbles of an unknown creature in the clear night sky

They might slowly disappear without saying goodbye

But will be intimately remembered like the kisses of a butterfly


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