20 Movies That Will Always Stay With Me

1. One More Chance

This lines!

“Sana ako na lang, ako na lang ulit.”

“She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best… And you chose to break my heart”

2. Frozen

I love all the songs! Let it go, let it go!

3. Eight Below

Because of Paul Walker and the dogs.

“You gotta take chances for the things you care about”

4. Warm Bodies

The Love at first sight scene and the slow motion effect. And of course, R!

5. Up

This movie simplifies what True love means.

6. Meet the Robinsons

I love the OST (Little wonders) and of course the story line. Very heart warming.

7. A Walk to Remember

T T (period)

8. What if

Great movie. Bottom line: God has greater plans for you more than the plans you made for your self.

9. Fire Proof

“Salt and pepper are completely different. Their makeup, their taste, and their color is different. But you always see them together. They give a more delicious taste to the cooked food.”

10. God’s not dead

Very intelligent movie. It brings back a lot of memories during our Philo class.

11. Miracle in Cell No. 7

Sailormoon! Ugh! Heart breaking yet inspiring.

12. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

So much feels. LOL. Mario Maurer!

13. Into The Wild

“Happiness is only real when shared.”- Alex Supertramp

14. 50 First Dates

Imagine you have to win over the girl of your dreams every friggin’ day. :3

15. Stoning of Soraya M.

Eye opener! T T Women are meant to be loved and respected.

16. Rise of the Guardians

Super crush ko kasi si Jack Frost.

Jack Frost: “How can I know who I am, until I find out who I was?”

17. Phantom of the Opera


18. Titanic

Jack and Rose are so phenomenal. Can’t get over them up to now.

19. Book of Eli


Solara: You said you’ve been walking for 30 years Right? Have you ever thought that maybe you were lost?
Eli: No.
Solara: So how do you know that you’re walking on the right direction?
Eli: Walk by faith not by sight.
Solara: What does that mean?
Eli: It means that you know something even if you don’t know something.
Solara: It doesn’t make any sense.
Eli: It didn’t have to make sense. It’s faith. It’s a flower of light in the field of darkness that gives me strength to carry on.

20. Kate and Leopold

Funny and very romantic movie. I love the humor.

Leopold: That thing is a damned hazard!

Kate: It’s just a toaster!

Leopold: Well, insertion of bread into that so-called toaster produces no toast at all, merely warm bread! Inserting the bread twice produces charcoal. So, clearly, to make proper toast it requires one and a half insertions, which is something for which the apparatus doesn’t begin to allow! One assumes that when the General of Electric built it, he might have tried using it. One assumes the General might take pride in his creations instead of just foisting them on an unsuspecting public.

Kate: You know something? Nobody gives a rat’s ass that you have to push the toast down twice. You know why? Because everybody pushes their toast down twice!

Leopold: Not where I come from.

Kate: Oh, right. Where you come from, toast is the result of reflection and study!

Leopold: Ah yes, you mock me. But perhaps one day when you’ve awoken from a pleasant slumber to the scent of a warm brioche smothered in marmalade and fresh creamery butter, you’ll understand that life is not solely composed of tasks, but tastes.

Kate: [mesmerized] Say that again.

Well, yeah, I guess I’m sort of hopeless romantic. There’s a lot more na wala dito like Narnia, Three Idiots, Special Child, I am Sam etc. Hihi. 🙂


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