10 Things You Wish You Could Tell Your Younger Self


It’s a little bit scary how time flies. For few years, you’re a kiddo; another few more years, a teeniebop; then a lot more years, we turn into a must-be-matured man or lady, else everyone will call you childish or “immature”. As emotionally-created-beings, we all have our regrets; though most of the time we choose to move forward. Those regrets include all the years we’ve lived in this world shaped by decision makings and self-gratitude. There are things we wish we did when life is not yet complicated. Things that we wish we could tell our younger self.

Before we get back to the problems of the world, here are the things that most of us wish we could tell our little minds: 

1. Sleep when your parents push you to sleep.  When your parents call your full name and ask you to go to bed for an afternoon sleep or an early evening sleep, don’t think twice; run and go home. Get that sleep. You will not have that kind of sleep when you enter a university for a college degree or become an employee who is forced to work 8 hours or plus a day for 6 or 7 days a week.

2. Eat vegetables. Well at least, when you start eating veggies when you’re still a kiddo, you’ll learn to eat it with a big smile on your face. It’s not yet late, start eating veggies today. 

3. Go to school and never skip classes. It’s not just about being studious, lucrative or whatever, it’s about your future. It’s about learning something for yourself that you might use somewhere or the possibility of knowing what you really want.

4. Listen and follow thy parents. Our parents know what’s best for us. If they tell you not to play with an electrical equipment or outlets, listen and follow. 

5. Do not be lazy/ Never procrastinate. Home and school are training grounds. Do your assigned household chores, submit your school projects, finish your food. You’ll win the battles of life if you did these small things. Remember, big things come from small beginnings.

6. Brush thy teeth regularly. Or else, you’ll wear your false teeth early.

7. Enjoy life. Don’t be overly competitive. School recognition, awards, those are just small portion of what life truly is. You cannot measure success with certificates or medals. Instead of being overly competitive, invest your time to gain real friends. 

8. Sometimes it’s okay to do crazy stuff. There are times that you have to go out of your box because you’ll be too conservative when you’re not. Why not eat an exotic food, ride a kangaroo etc?

9. Accept yourself. Love who you are. It’s okay to be true to your self. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God created you to be who you are.

10. Make the most out of everything. ^_^

[these are just random thoughts. thoughts I also got from people around me]


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