You Are My Rainbow

Three in the morning and my heart’s still burning

Your consuming fire’s flaming deep within

You called my name, soft and sweet

You touched my heart, t’was a princely treat. 


You asked me why I’m still awake

I said I want to see splendour only You could make

You smiled back and sat beside me

A grateful moment and will forever be. 


You stood up and looked above

And opened Your palm, You took my hand

You spoke again, t’was filled with love

You asked, “What do you want to see my child?” 


In an introvert voice, I answered swiftly

I lifted my hands and whispered it blissfully

I want to spot a rainbow, as bright as the lights of a cathedral aisle

An artwork in the sky, a picture of Your adorable smile. 


Then I picked up my pen, and looked at the window

T’was still dark, there’s no patchmark of a rainbow

want to see a reminder of Your glorious promises

Write it on a piece of paper, keep it in a secret place.


I want to catch a rainbow and spread it everywhere

Paint everything with its magnificent hues,

Turn the gloomy days into beautiful mornings,

Something only a lovely rainbow could do. 


Then in just a blink You’re suddenly gone

You left a note, You said, “My child, it is done”.

Then I heard the prelude of the birds chirping; the music of dawn

I saw a rainbow peeking, Oh what a wonderful creation!


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