Unstoppable Passion to Dream

UPM, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia at 4 PM.

The rain is pouring down again.  I’ve got nothing to do but to look at the gigantic dark clouds and watch the raindrops fall as it touch the rooftops. Indeed, when it rains, it pours. Even if it’s another gloomy day, and there is a big roaring sound from heaven, and the lightning is a bit scary; still, there is beauty in everything. God makes everything beautiful- something that we will be grateful for in different ways.

Going two.

Time flies. Yes, it’s almost two months from the day I left my beloved land. Days have gone so fast but it feels like I’ve been here for so long. Honestly, for the first few days, it was a struggle. I left everything what I already had. I left the people and experiences I cherish the most. I left a dream- a dream to raise a movement. It felt like a sacrifice of praise. I really value and love what I was doing back there. I wanted to weep but I couldn’t.  It was as if leaving is never a mistake. A different kind of feeling I actually felt for the first time- that feeling I couldn’t describe. I keep telling myself that this is another precious experience; something that God prepared for me long time ago.  Undeniably, God has breathed life and favor in me and is continually giving me the best of what He can. There might be disappointments, delays and heartaches, but at the end of the day He is my delight. In fact, I don’t know what will happen for the next few days, weeks, months or years. Yet, I know in my heart that He already arranged the truth and proof of His love. I trust Him. In my heart I pray, let His will be done. His dreams are so precious to lay aside. The best is yet to come. We will make things happen.

You would only know if a dream is from God when you can let go of it, but it won’t let go of you. 

A year ago.

God’s timing is always perfect. When we understand God’s words, we acknowledged that “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiates 3:1) and He “…is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20). A year ago, I was reminded of a God-given dream. At first, I was afraid of stepping out. I didn’t even know where and how to start. It took me months to finally make a move and start everything.  He gave His unfailing love and helped me grow in maturity. If it is hard to start a God-given dream, it is harder while you are in the process- how to run and finish the race. Sigh. You will really learn the reality of surrendering your “all”. The thing I learned during the process- never be afraid to talk to people you trust and love about your vision, your dreams and the God-given dream.

I couldn’t agree more to this- “Your dream will be tested in time. And if you are worried about whether it is God’s will, just go back to the foundational question again: Will this desire bless others? Will it help build the Kingdom of God? Is it in line with God’s desire for my life? God’s plan for your life will not contradict His word- don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise! … Whatever it is you truly value, that is where you’ll place your time, energy, attention, finances, love and devotion. In fact, you’ll see quickly the things you value by looking at where you spend your time, energy and dollars when you don’t have to! True success is costly”. – The Kiss of Heaven, Darlene Zschech

Five years ago.

December 2009-: All Nations. One Destiny- an event we celebrated at National Arts Center. I could still remember everything that happened that day- “Lean forward, lean back”, the international food fair, the calmness of the night, the tiring but fruitful day and that God-given dream.  It started with a child-like prayer. I was so desperate for a nation to pray. The food during the celebration was provided in a “draw lots system”. I asked God that whatever “international food” He’ll give me, I will take hold of that (even though I really wanted to have my first true love- Jollibee) Well, I got Vietnam. HAHA! Just like an innocent child, I asked God for a second chance and promised that it’ll be the last. There, I got Malaysia. I was so peaceful then. I knew there was something. And yeah, that day started everything.

UPM, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia at 6:25 PM

I was digging my stuff before going here when I saw this. Amazing isn’t it? I couldn’t even remember this. Apologies.  But I just know that it’s from my heart and it’s from Him who makes all things beautiful in His time. Yes, in His time. And the time to wait is over now, I’m ready to do Your call.


This is my story and I will continuously make His-stories.

To you who might accidentally read this, make plans to achieve your God-given dream(s) but don’t plan on your own. Share it to someone you love and trust- someone who is willing to listen and give encouragements. Do not resist to what God wants you to do. Never be afraid of taking risks and be the best version of you. Let His love help you to grow in maturity. Surrender everything to the Most High, for there will be abundance in your harvest; you just have to wait patiently.

Ecclesiates 5:3, For the dream comes through much effort…


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