All I Want Is You

You looked into my fragile heart

And poured out love on its deepest part

You opened the gates of heaven for me

And captivated my being with Your Majesty.


In Your Holy presence, I am free

Your peaceful spirit is within me

Take me Oh God to a secret place

Where I can see Your throne and Your face.


Embrace me with your arms of love

Anoint me with the eyes of a dove

Empty me of the selfishness inside

Open up the heavens and be my guide.


You are the cry of this heart

You are the light of its inner part

Through You I will never be shaken

With You I can climb the mountains.


Take away all my insecurities

Let this heart be captured in purity

Place me at the center of Your glory

All I want is to see Your beauty.


All I want is to be drowned

To be a queen and be crowned.

I wanna hear Your melody

Your Kingdom is all I want to see.








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