And It’s You Dad

Dear Papa God,


Thank You very much for all the things You’ve done.

You are my everything.

You are the sweetest reason why this heart keeps on beating.

From dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn, my heart stands in awe of You.

I embrace the truth that I am made to love You- forever, even until my breath runs dry-

and be loved by You.

Your love makes my heart more than perfect- a life living for genuineness.

You keep looking on how to save my day- not on my mess.

You hold my hand so gentle that I don’t want You to let go of me.

Even when I stumble, I will not fall because I delight in Your beauty and mercy.

In Your arms of love, my savior, I finally find my reason to live.

The way You smile at me creates a new day- a new beginning to seek life.

I want to get lost in Your presence.

Come like a flame. Consume me.

I will not be ashamed shouting for Your name.

Use me. Test me on this.

I believe in Your promises.

I dwell in Your holiness and purity.

Lord, come and bring me closer to You.

All that I have, I give it all to You.

Break my heart for what breaks Yours.

I am after Your heart, Father.

I long to see Your face.

When I heard Your voice, and I heard my name

I desire to be drowned in the deepest ocean.

Come rushing to me Daddy!

I want this heart be exposed and yearn for intimacy.

With arms wide open, I offer my whole being.

I am running to You, I am rushing to You, my one true love.






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