Consume Me

Consume Me


Oh God, empty my heart

Fill me up, consume my soul

I want You to take over

And catch me when I fall


No one else can ever hear

How my heart beats from the inside

Only You can slay this fear

And cast away all that I hide


When my vision gets blurred

Put Your eyes on me

When my voice’s not heard

Help me shout “I’m Free”


In Your presence I surrender

I drop my sword and my armor

A warrior crying at Your feet

Yearning for a Father to be with


Consume me until this stone melts

Consume me like a fire in the shore

Consume me until there’s nothing left

Consume me, Oh You are all I long for


Consume me, while I’m waiting

Consume me, when I stumble

Consume me, when I celebrate

Consume me with a love so gentle


* That precious moment when there’s nothing left but pain, He gave me words to ponder. He is my cure. His love never fails. Thank You!


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