It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Cavinti, Laguna’s Underground River and Caves Complex

Philippines is a country blessed with majestic natural resources and wonderful destinations. One of the newly discovered destinations in Laguna proved that summer is more fun in the Philippines.

Tourists are now flocking to witness the underground river and cave complex in Brgy. Paowin, Cavinti, Laguna which was opened to public last March 30, 2013.

The local government requires visitors to secure necessary permits for them to monitor the number of people visiting the cave and prevent unauthorized entry. For those who are interested to experience the world class beauty of Cavinti’s Underground River and Caves Complex, you may drop by at Cavinti’s Municipal office or send an email to for booking ahead of time and for issuance of entry permit. Walk in visitors are not guaranteed to be entertained. You may also visit their Facebook page from time to time for updates or announcements.Watch this video to pre-experience the beauty of Cavinti.

What to bring (other than your personal hygiene)?

  1. Flash lights or portable emergency lights (there is total darkness inside the cave)
  2. Trail foods
  3. Towel (or face towels)
  4. Permit
  5. Valid ID (for confirmation purposes only)
  6. Extra clothes

Be at your best trekking attire. Make sure to use your trekking slippers or rubber shoes. Some areas inside the cave are wet and muddy. Be very cautious and always watch your steps. (I wore my slippers inside the cave. Guess what happened next? 😀 )

How to get there?


Our team gathered at Alabang South Station where we hired a van up to Sta. Cruz. Our travel time from Alabang to Sta. Cruz was about 2-3 hours. From Sta. Cruz to Cavinti, we traveled for approximately an hour by riding a jeepney. Since it rained for the last few days and the soil was very slippery and muddy, we were advised to ride a tractor. It took us almost an hour and a half of bumpy and rough ride with challenging ups and downs. The tractor didn’t manage to pass through the slippery soil as it only took us up to approximately 13kms. We decided to walk for about 5Kms from where we left our tractor up to the camp site. Note: Check the weather before visiting the site. It might be very hard for your vehicle to pass through the soil especially after rain. When your vehicles get stuck, you will have to experience the long walk to reach the road. There are also few houses alongside the road that you may seek for help.

When we reached the camp site, the tour guides assisted us and discussed all the do’s and don’ts inside the cave. After the briefing, we walked for almost 30 minutes to get to the caves’ entrance. PS: Please follow the rules and regulations for the treasure’s sake.


We were 22 in the team so we shared on the expenses. Here’s the breakdown of my personal expenses:

P90.00 /pax– Van from Alabang to Sta. Cruz (approximately P1, 000.00 per van)

P37.00/pax- Jeep from Sta. Cruz to Cavinti (approx. 900 per jeep)

P10.00/pax- Entrance Fee

P50.00- Donation

P50.00/pax- Jeep from Cavinti to Calamba, Crossing

P45.00/pax- Bus from Calamba to Alabang

P282.00- TOTAL (or approx. P300.00 only and you’ll have a world class and unforgettable experience)

What to expect?

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. It was indeed a breathtaking experience. IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES. 

Our Journey




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