The Race

The race

Been in this pursuit for so long

Felt the hurt, experienced the fall

Decided to sit and to hear His song

He said “Continue and do My call”


 “Running the race takes a bolder you

To reach the finish line, isn’t that easy

But running with Me is all you have to do

To cease and win the battle completely”


“Set your heart on fire, keep the passion

Carry my strength, I’m here to lift you up

Bestow faith and all your devotion

Let My unfailing love fill the gap”


You are all I want, You are all I need

Cultivate my heart, nurture this seed

Come to me and hold my hand

Until Your face is seen in this land


I’m desperate for You, I long for You

Every hour, every minute, I’m desperate for You

Your grace abounds, Your light shines for me

Lord, I promise to finish the track and start a new.




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