5 Things 2011 Taught Me


#5: Be A Sponge.

I started working on my solo electro pop project, Somedaydream, around 3 years ago, but things got more serious when I started working with my manager, Champ Lui Pio (former frontman of Hale), in the latter part of 2010. I still remember the countless prep talks and advice I get from him, but one that really stuck to my head was the one about “being a sponge”… so I can absorb everything. “Absorb everything so that your journey in 2011 would be unforgettable,” he said.

As a new kid in town, I needed to absorb every juicy experience I can. To do that, I needed to open my self to new possibilities, new opinions, new lessons and new people. I needed to be aware of how things are done, aware of where I am heading and most importantly, be aware of who I am with…

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