The Bright Side

Bright Side

March has always been a memorable month for me.

March 7-9, 2008 , the dates when I first encountered Him (face to face). It changed my life not just for days but for a lifetime. It transformed me to a new creation who values His love and calling.

But wait there’s more…

Looking on the Brighter Side of PAINS, STRESSES and NEGATIVES

March 2013 has been a roller coaster ride for me.

My mind says,” if I’ll be given a chance to skip a month, that’d be March. “

My heart says, “March is the greatest month ever.”

God has been teaching me a lot in this season of my life. There were ups and downs, bumps and curves, bruises and pains. But I believe  God wants me to realize that it’s time for a new beginning! YES!

First, I had this heart breaking experience. This caused my heart and my whole body to lose all its energy.

We just had our first SOD Encounter! Praise God! Finally! But before we successfully lead those dear students to God, we (I) experienced trials such as: being scolded by their parents to the point that their anger almost fly into rage, asked who we really are, where do we get our money, what is Destiny, and many other interrogations. It wasn’t easy. But again, Praise God for the wisdom and peace!

Dead tired, stressed, body aches…

I felt so down after the camp to the point that I was already out of focus on things. There was this instance that forgot all my important documents (e.g. Diploma, TOR, IDs, etc.) Even if I got home late, tired, (considering that the travel time is almost 2 hours) I still went back to the place where I think I left it. Unfortunately, the store was then closed. I felt so helpless and dizzy. I didn’t know what to do. Those were so important! But God reminded me of His love and His power. He gave me peace and wisdom. The next day, I got off my bed early morning, packed my things, prepared myself and dropped at the store where I possibly left the documents. Whew! Praise God! All of the documents were there. Of course, I thanked the sales man for keeping my things.

Few days after, my patience and faith were again tested. My boss asked me to coordinate with our project partner on arranging his flight. I did the assistance and other things needed. But, to my “forgetfulness”, I failed to ask for a copy of his e-ticket. Arrrrrrgh! I was just reminded of it when I received a call from my boss. “What should I do? I don’t even have the number of my contact person. Only our exchange of emails and it’s almost 8:00 pm, Sunday. ” I asked myself.  Then God re-entered the situation. He said “My daughter, trust me, we can handle this.” Oh, how sweet! I revisited my e-mail then. I saw the contact number of my point person’s immediate boss.  I saw a landline and a mobile number.  First, I tried to send a text. Then, I tried calling both numbers.  It was so frustrating that no one’s answering the phone or even sending a text.

Seconds after, God said, “My daughter, it’s all gonna be okay.”

I boldly declared of receiving a text from them at exactly 9:15. Minutes after, I received a text from my point person’s boss. She told me to wait for her colleague’s call in a short while. Then, a girl named Cherie texted me. The message went like this, “Hi. This is Cherie from (anonymous). May I have your email address so I could send it to you?”.  Wow! Amazingly, when I rechecked the text minutes after she asked me, I received the text at around 9:13 pm. And then, it was 9:15 when she informed me that the email was already sent to me. Praises be to God! That was the Power of Declaration.

These are just few of all the unexpected-unwanted things happened to me. Not so good experiences but when we see the bright side, God was there to save me. He was there to shower grace and favor.

God is wonderfully amazing. His love is so sweet.

“18 Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared

to the glory he will reveal to us later.”

Romans 8:18 (NLT)

Friends, we should praise Him always for He is King. He has everything. When good things happen, let us praise Him. When negative things happen, let us still praise Him anyway. When we are in need, He’ll rush to save us. Let us always see Him in our situation. Let Him work in our midst. Have the peace from Heaven. Let there be clarity in our hearts and in our minds. Let us let our troubles fall behind us. In the end, we will be able to finish the race. Beloved, fight a good fight of FAITH. See the bright side through the eyes of Heaven.


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