When You Have One Month To Live

Months have gone so fast but the encouragement I got from the book “One Month to Live” is still fresh and right here in my heart.  First, I’d like to share how this book came into my life.


It was a “day of desperation” for having a book to read. I was walking inside a mall when I urgently asked God to give me something to ponder. I visited BookSale and Powerbooks but it took me a hard time finding for a book to read. There, I skipped and went to National Book Store. I saw different interesting books but I couldn’t afford to buy them since they’re too expensive. I moved around NBS and found books that were on sale. Oh my God. The books cost P100 each, still new and hard bound. With too much excitement, I searched for an interesting book  like as if I was searching for a treasure. Few minutes later, I found this book with a catchy title, hard bound, still covered with a plastic, with Rick Warren’s foreword and of course, costs P100 only. Amazing! I ran to the cashier and bought the book with a wide smile. When I got home, I happily tore the plastic and opened it.  From that day as I accepted the challenge, my thoughts and views on life were changed.

“One Month To Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life” by Kerry and Chris Shook encourages reader to live their life to the fullest and a life that really matters. The book brings out options to readers on how they would want to spend the 30 remaining days of their existence. It gives words of wisdom that can help change our thoughts about life, embrace the goodness of God, and pursue life while pursuing His heart. The book covers 4 key principles:

  1.  “Live Passionately”
  2.  “Love Completely”
  3.  “Learn Humbly”
  4.  “Leave Boldly”

I don’t know how I will start sharing  all the lessons I got from the book.  So, I thought of putting some excerpts to give you a picture of how my Day 1 was.

“Your time on earth is limited. No matter how much this idea makes you squirm, it’s a fact. No matter who you are, how young or old, what measure of success you’ve attained, or where you live, mortality remains the great equalizer. With each tick of the clock, a moment of your life is behind you. Even as you read this paragraph, seconds passed that you can never regain. Your days are numbered, and each one that passes is gone forever.”- Introduction, Living the Dash

“… When you think about it, we don’t have control over many things in life. We didn’t get to decide where we were born, who our parents are, or which time period and culture we face. We don’t get to decide the dates on our gravestone. We don’t know when our time on this earth will be up. It could be next week or next year or decades away. Only God knows. Our lives are in His hands. But there is thing we have a vast amount of control over. We get to decide how we’re going to use our dash. “-Introduction, Living the Dash


“There’s no time like the present—right now!—to get started. Reading this book takes time, your most precious commodity, and I promise not to waste one second you spend on these pages. As you discover the life you were made for, today can truly be the first day of a life with no regrets. Claim today as the start of a month that’s guaranteed to change your life!”- Introduction, Living the Dash

Above are the paragraphs that drove me into a new season of life. Challenge accepted! I am so grateful to have a very special book like this.

While reading the book, questions like these were here and there. What will you do if you only have 30 days to live? Where will you spend your remaining days? Who do you want to be with until your days are over? What are the things you would do that really matters?


The idea of living like you’re dying brought me to a list of 30 things I want to do if I only have a month to live. So, what’s on my list?

Day 1: Visit Disney Land with my family. Well, that would be tiring but a very precious moment for all of us. Since I’ll be at Disney Land and I’ll be meeting a lot of kids from different nations, I’ll make sure to have a photo with them. Oh how I love kids! Cute!

Day 2: While on plane going back to Manila, I’ll give a thank you note to my parents and siblings. I’ll give them a very tight hug and butterfly kisses. I’ll tell them how blessed I am to be part of their lives.

Day 3: I’ll give a phone call to all my dearest friends and relatives. A skype conference will do. I should make a list for this. I’ll also give a call to those I have to ask for forgiveness or I have to forgive.

Day 4: Go to a nature escapade. Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan would be a great place for adventure. It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Day 5: Make and record a song for Him. I dearly love music even if music doesn’t love me back. Who cares! It’s for Him. It’s for my Daddy God. 😀

Day 6: Attend an art class. I really want to create an art work that will leave a mark to everyone.

Day 7: Food trip with my siblings. At the same day, we will give out balloons to street kids. I love seeing balloons. For me, balloons are synonymous to happiness, hope and faith.

Day 8: Cook an unusual dish for my parents. I’ll make sure that it will be delicious. Slurp! We’ll eat at UPLB Freedom Park. We’ll stay there until the moon and the stars look at us.

Day 9:  I’ll stay for a night at FOREHA dormitory. I want to sleep there again, as simple as that.

Day 10: UPLB Main Library. From dawn to dusk, I’ll stay there. 😀 Of course, I’ll bring food and I’ll invite my batch mates and closest friends.

Day 11: I’ll declare blessings and breakthroughs to strangers. God will be known through me even just for a day.

Day 12: Movie marathon! Sleep! Rest day! Me day!

Day 13: Ice cream and doughnuts date with my cellmates (past and present).

Day 14: Go back to my home. San Juan, Batangas! I’ll visit my highschool alma mater and go out for a date with the Hestia hunks and bodies. Eat Lomi and Goto Batangas. Oh my God!

Day 15: I’m half way there. Yeah! I’ll ride a bicycle with a basket of flowers. This excites me!Then, I’ll sit down on the grasses while looking at a wide farmland and listening to the chirping of birds. That peacefulness!

Day 16-18: I want to stay in an island for three days. What an adventure! Yey!

Day 19: Because I so love science and environment, I’ll organize a tree planting activity, coral reef and wildlife visitation with my friends.

Day 20: It’s my turn. I guess. I’ll ask him for a candle light dinner, with acoustic band behind us- a sweet date with balloons and flowers everywhere.  😀 (Whoever he maybe, we’ll see in the future) Cheeziness! (If in case we already have our children, I would like them to be with us) Family date!

Day 21-22: PARIS! Yeah! I want to see Eiffel tower, the doves and its beautiful scenery. I’ll walk around the town and try all the delicious foods and fun rides.

Day 23-24: United Kingdom! I want to see a real castle. –Fin-

Day 25: Philippines again! Wooh! I want to ride a hot air balloon. I’ll bring a telescope with me to see the vastness of God’s creation from the view above.

Day 26: I’ll fly a kite. I’ll run as fast as I can until it reaches the sky. And when I get tired, I’ll lay on the grass, look at the clouds above and shout “I love You God”.

Day 27-28: Whether it’s Christmas time or not, I want to be Ms. Santa for two days. I’ll surprise my friends, colleagues, relatives, parents and siblings with gifts. I’ll visit communities to distribute gifts while wearing a Santa costume with the roaring “HO-HO-HO”

Day 29: I’ll soak in His presence. I’ll thank Him for my life and for everything. I’ll cry for sure, but I know my heart will be filled with gladness. Soon, we’ll be together forever and that thought makes me more excited and comfy than the thought of dying of course.

Day 30: I’ll write a blog post about the goodness and greatness of God to my life. And that post will be my legacy.

How about you? What, where, who or how would you like to have on your remaining 30 days on Earth? Will it uncover your covered dreams? Will you choose to love even your enemies? How do you want others to see the beauty of life through you?

The answers are yours to make. Live your life to the fullest, let Him in control of it.


3 thoughts on “When You Have One Month To Live

  1. Good post with lots of reminders that we should always live our lives as if it were the last 30 days. In doing this, you will know about life and yourself more than you ever did before. It’s all part of the evolution of life.

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