22 Facets of Life

“Today is the day You have made
I will rejoice and be glad in it
And I won’t worry about tomorrow
I’m giving You my fears and sorrow
Where You lead me I will follow
I’m trusting in what You say
Today is the day!”

Today is the Day- Lincoln Brewster

22! Yes! Today is the day that the Lord has made!

I’m so excited for what God has prepared for me this year. 2013 is the “Year of Abundance and Just Do It”. How amazing! I am so grateful of the thought that this will be a year of double abundance and doing the things God has laid for me. I believe the latter would also require a double portion of sacrifice, courage and time. But I am looking forward to more of His grace, favor and unfailing love. Everything is for Him, to Him and through Him so let’s get it on.

His love is an unfailing love. Truly, truly! He has blessed my life more than what I have imagined. To share what God has done in my life, here are the 22 things I am so thankful for:

  1. January 10, 1991 – I finally saw the light. Thanks to my beloved parents. Thanks to their love and caress. I love them so much.
  2. 1997– I graduated at my first Alma Mater, Holy Spirit Pre School. I won’t ever forget Sir Lymann Alipit for being such a great and inspiring teacher. Long live Sir!
  3. 1998-2003– 6 Years of God’s faithfulness. Thanks to ESVES, my teachers and elementary classmates. I won’t be this person without you.
  4. 2003-2007– BNHS, thanks to all the lessons and experiences.  I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all my teachers and classmates. Thanks to my favorite batch, Hestians! You’re the best! LOKAST, we’ve been through tough times but we conquered it as one. More of happy memories with you!
  5. February 2007– What an amazing gift! Thank You Lord for the opportunity. I passed the UPCAT.
  6. April 2007– I walked humbly at our graduation day. I was so happy for all of us. We did a great job! Thanks to my parents who supported me.
  7. May 2007– I survived the challenge. Thanks to my mother who supported me all the way. To Him be the glory! Hello UPLB!
  8. June 2007– The start of unforgettable experiences. ELBI life is indeed awesome!
  9. ELBI Life. Thanks to my blockmates, roommates (FOREHA 1109), dormmates and of course Mang Pete, Kuya Jess and Ma’am Pearl.
  10. Thanks to the ever dearest College of Human Ecology. The Best College (for me).
  11. Thanks to all my genius instructors and professors. I sometimes failed your exams and paper ratings but you gave me the best experience ever. Thank you Sir Mendoza for being such an inspiring adviser.
  12. March 7, 2008– Encounters! Thank You Lord for revealing who You are! I stand in awe of You.
  13. Thanks to my DESTINY family, Students of Destiny, cell mates (ate Gian and others) , Ate Merc, Ate Ann, Mommy Cathy and my beloved batch mates. Thank You for all the wisdom and happy memories. I won’t be who I am in the Lord without you.
  14. Special thanks to my best friend, Rheynalyn. We’ve been together for years. Thank you for being there (in good times and bad times). I won’t forget our random conversations. Thank you also for being a sister to me. Thank you for listening and faithfully sharing your time with me. Glad to be your bestie. Kiss!
  15. January-March 2011– Great Practicum days! Thanks to my team mates, Erina, Meme and Ecka. Thank you for all the popcorn nights with Pretty Little Liars marathon. Hope to be with you again at the next Panagbenga. Grateful that I met Tita Susan, Tita Dian and Kuya Rowan of PPDO-Benguet. Thanks to their support even we’re not connected by blood. Here’s a cheer to my beloved Practicum Adviser, Sir Wally Rola! Thank you Sir! Thank You Lord for your encouragements, covering and support.
  16. April 2011– A dream came true. After all the tears and fears, I survived Yupi!
  17. June 2011– I had my first job. Thank You Lord for the opportunity. Everything changed except for my heart that beats for Him. There were discouragements but He was there to remind me this “My daughter, I’m just here. Encourage. You can do that! I trust you.” I learned a lot during this season. Thank you DESTINY SOMA for welcoming me in the family. Cheers!
  18. August 2011-Thank You Lord for the supernatural healing. My colleague’s daughter was healed. All we need is a PUSH!
  19.  December 2011– First Christmas Party in the corporate world. Thanks to my colleagues who were there to make it fabulous. Thanks to Ate Jean, Ma’am Eve, Sir Vince and the rest of CPR team.
  20. March 2012– Thank You for my 2nd job. I’m so blessed to be here. This is such a wonderful experience. Nature, Environment, Earth, Sustainability, Oh how I love those words. Thanks to my colleagues, Sir Bon, Sir Rex, Kuya Jobe and Reymart plus ate Leah for being part of this fruitful season. More funds and projects to come! Cheers for a greater 2013!
  21. April 2012– Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate the 75th birthday of my grandmother. Thanks to our relatives who were there and made that day special. Tito, Tita, Lola, Cousins! I love you all!
  22. I want to give thanks to all the persons, experiences, and things I wasn’t able to mention. Thank You Daddy for sharpening me. Thanks to all the bruises and pains, ups and downs. I am stronger than before. Thank You for changing me to a person who You wanted me to be. Thank You for being my Saving Grace. Thank You for being there through all the seasons.


Rock n’ rollin’! Yehey! 22 years and beyond.  Applause to a greater year ahead! Be happy like ME!


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