Freshly Pressed


Since it’s December, the last month of the year, I decided to give my WordPress account a fresher and more personalized look using the theme “Under the Influence”.  I’m glad that it looks like what I really want it to be.

Let’s start with the header. The scattered color paints signify the art in me. Yes, I love art. I love to sketch and paint. I love colors and their vibrancy. I love how they transform an atmosphere. So, how about the title of the blog? I entitled this  “This is more than just a story”, because this is really more than just a story, this is life and His story. This is an expression of and from the heart of a woman. A place where treasures are collected; treasures from the past, present and the future. A collection of His goodness, greatness and faithfulness. Written here are stories to inspire, encourage and love.

The background photo is a very memorable place for me. This is where I started to grow more and be in love to His works. A place of comfort, freedom, peacefulness and beauty. This is the center of everything, the place where all unforgettable experiences started. The beauty I always wanted to give a glance. I LOVE UPLB Freedom Park!





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