Who is He? He is.

Just sharing my first preaching piece.

September 2009
“Our father is the pilot, he is in control and taking us home”.
A father is a:
1. Potter– we are the representation of the clay and our father is the potter of our lives. We are carefully molded and who we are right now is the finish product of our father’s desires and creativeness.
2. Ballpen/ink/pencil– our father is the one who started to write the story of our lives. Even after birth, he was the one who thinks and puts the starting words in our story.
3. Fortress– he is the one whom we find our strength when we are weak. No matter how hard the circumstances are, they will stand strong to conquer.
4. Mirror– our fathers show who we really are.
5. Superhero– the savior of our life. When we are in the arms of the father, we are secured.
1. The love of the father is sacrificial. John 3:16. He is willing to sacrifice his life for our salvation. A manifestation of the truth that real sacrifice should come from a heart that love. Lovfather-and-son-copye bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. A father is the best definition of what love really is.
2. His love forgives. Luke 15. Parable of the lost son. No matter how sinful you are in the eyes of many, our father will not forget how to forgive.
3. Father’s love is unselfish. Luke 15:31. Everything that our father has is also ours. We will also experience abundance in the kingdom of our father.
4. A father’s love disciplines. No any father wants his child to be in the wrong path of life. Jeremiah 29:11. He has his plans for us, all we have to do is wait and have faith in him.
5. The love of a father is a perfect love. The love of our father is the completion of our identity.
At times we are weak, he is always there to wipe the tears in our eyes. He gives words of encouragement. His love reveals our true identity. Many other storms can easily and quickly darken our skies and throw our plane into apparently uncontrollable movement but with the love of the father, we will find peacefulness in our hearts and in our minds, we will also feel a complete protection. Our father is the prince of peace. Perfect love cast out fears.
Our father is the best pilot of our lives, we just have to entrust the journey of our lives to him. The love of the father is an emotion, at the same time an expression. Don’t wait to give our daddy a hug. As how our fathers/ heavenly father expressed their love to us, we must also love them more than the way they love us. Let us always remember that our father exist for us. Our daddy lives to save us, exists to show us his love. Our father loves us, everything in us. His love endures forever. His love will never ever fail. Whether you are in or out of season, our daddy will continue loving us. His love provides food for a hungry heart, gives water for a thirsty spirit. Through his love, we are totally changed. He does not forget to give a wonderful and glorious life to a person who loves. The love of the father is our confidence. Remember, no one can change the fact that the love of a father is indeed the perfect love.
Love…until our hearts and breath runs dry… When it comes, ask for the love of the father and let him help us to overflow once again. Come to the father and be just like a little child, sitting at his feet.

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