Confessions: On Beauty and Acceptance

“I’ am beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring me down.”

Long time ago, there was this girl who felt so pity of herself. She looked at herself as if she’s one of the ugliest women in the world.

She always compares herself to her cousins. They have fairer skin than her. They’re good looking and are always into beauty competitions. Men are pursuing them. But, what about this girl? She’s an academic achiever. That’s it. For a woman, this is very heart breaking. Beauty is like a precious diamond. Every woman wants to have it. Every woman must have it. Every woman deserves for it.
Until one day, she experienced a life changing encounter; a face to face encounter with her Maker.
Her Maker changed everything; her mindset, heart, and beliefs. She learned to accept herself. She started to view things positively. She loved herself more than ever before. The very moment that her Maker touched her heart, she also realized of her own beauty; that she’s pretty, amazing and unique.

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made!
Hey! I am beautiful….
No matter what other people might say, I am beautiful in my own way.
I am happy being me. I know I am amazing.”
-Amazing Yana (@amazingyana)


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