A Poem for UPLB SOD Batch 2007


Choosing the right person isn’t so easy
It takes a lot time to trust him completely
Give me a chance to say this to you
The perfect line I hide inside
“My batchmates, my bestfriends, I love you”.

Having you here by my side, to support and cheer me up
Cannot stop me to salute you and make my bare hands clap.
You serve as the light that brighten up my darkest days
But you make me cry when you say we’ll part ways.

Reaching out hands of ours that build strong bonds
Just like little fairies striking their wands
Saying the magic spell had been part of our glee
That no one could ever say it’s except you and me.

For the special friendship that we had made
And for other reasons, I gave you a perfect grade
Carrying burdens was easy for me
Coz everything is possible when I’m with thee.

There are so many things I wanted to say
That even making this poem can’t be finished in a day,
Storms in our friendship come and go,
But God has His own reason that He wants us to know.

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