The BIG 3


September 29, 2012, Saturday, the big day we all have been waiting for.

It’s DESTINY SoMA’s 3rd Year Anniversary. God is so Faithful.

Tatlong taon ng pagpapala, tatlong taon ng pagmamahal mula sa isang Dakila. We’re blessed with good looking and God fearing leaders. I am very thankful that I am part of this family. I learned a lot from them.

Noon, naalala ko, gustong gusto ko talaga na sa ELBi lang ako. It was my desire to stay there. I looked for opportunities but God had His own plans. I left ELBi and followed His desires for me. At first, it wasn’t easy. New faces, new leaders, new set up. Sobrang laki ng mga pagbabago. I missed the place where I first met the Lord. But His love never fails. Now, I’m so honored to be part of this family.

Greater things are yet to come. Student movement will soon be established. We will be occupying the cities from the South and beyond. In Jesus’ Name. I’m so excited for this.

I’m looking forward for more years of serving the Lord.


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