The Guy Who Must Not Be Named

If there’s a girl who must be named, well, here’s the boy who must not be named (for now). Ask me and I’ll tell you why.

I was with my colleague that time. We both attended an activity in one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines. It was also my colleague’s alma mater. We sat on the seats reserved for us. I was very excited because that was my first time to step on its ground. Few minutes later, the program already started. There was this man who stunned me. He held the microphone and started to welcome the participants. He was one of the masters of the ceremony. I was really astonished with his voice, its coldness, rhythm and pleasant pronunciation of words. What a voice, really! No more words came out of my mouth. It sounded like music to my ears.

Then, the program went on. I forgot him and his adorable voice.

Right after the forum, my colleague and I tried to approach one of the guest speakers, (who’s actually the former director of our organization). It wasn’t easy to get in touch with her so we decided to wait for a moment. The fact that it was my colleague’s alma mater, he just mingled with his friends, classmates and teachers. Then the man with an adorable voice entered the circle. To my surprise, he was my colleague’s block mate and closest friend. He was eventually introduced to me. After hi-s and hellos, we (my colleague, the man with the adorable voice and I) left the hall and went to the socials area.  We were eating on the same table. We laughed, and shared stories. Until, the man with the adorable voice shared the sweet love story of my colleague. Hahaha! My colleague left the two of us for he couldn’t take listening to it. Oh “men, as usual”. The man-with-the-adorable-voice continued. He was such a funny guy and a gentleman too. I felt so comfortable listening to him. We laughed and laughed as if we’re close friends. He shared his dreams, his passions and plans. Well, like some other guys, he experienced the tragedy of love, and he’s currently waiting for the right one. He asked things about me and I shared the same matters.  I learned more about him when his friends came. They were also fun to be with. It was  indeed a splendid day! I never thought that I’ll be able to talk to the man who stunned me, the man who caught my attention. Oh, was that love at first heard?  But wait, there’s more. Though he must not be named, let’s just call him Mr. Flynn Rider. He really looked like Flynn (a character in the movie Tangled). Imagine Flynn and you’ll see his face.

Should I thank destiny for what happened that day? That I couldn’t tell. Let’s see if we’ll meet each other again. God knows the right prince for His princess.

I’ll wait for His time. I’ll wait until He says so.

True Love Waits.

Truly yours,




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