I was walking along a footbridge when I saw a motorcross competition from a distance (haha. May pagkasingitera kasi ako minsan kapag may nakikita akong kumpulan ng tao.). People were really excited, amazed at the same time nervous at all the bumps and turns, curves and switchbacks of the motorcross riders (motorcross competition near SM Bicutan). I almost forgot to breath while watching the motors rolling at the hills. Whew! Motorcross riders were taking their lives into risks. I was murmuring to my self just like this “oh no! What are they doing? Do they want to die?!”. And with the fact that I wasn’t able to carry the scene, I just continued my walk.

Then while walking, this occured to me: Life has many similarities to motorcross. (nahahawa na ko ke te krish, lahat hinahanapan ng purpose at reasons). As we follow the track given to us by God, we can be like a motorcross rider. We can encounter tough turns and curves, a smooth stretch but then be prepared for another breath taking turns and grooves. There will also be bumps, bruises as well as crashes along the way which can definitely be life threatening.

At times in our life, there can be crashes but we have to remember that it’s not the matter of times we’ve failed. It’s part of life. BUT, the number of times we keep going, get back, go faster than ever before and finish the track. Remember, persistency is a matter of the heart.

When life’s hurts and crashes hit us, God is a God of second chances. We must be like a motorcross rider;after crashes, the most important thing is to get back on the track as soon as possible and overcome fears.

Our God is a limitless God. He has a lot of fuel to energize us again when we’re weak and help us to get back on the track. Let us give ourselves to God. We will just crash again and again if we finish our track for ourselves, by ourselves. WE NEED THE POWER AND WISDOM OF GOD TO OVERCOME OUR FEARS, OUR BUMPS AND TURNS, OUR BRUISES. God laid an Incredible race for all of us, so let us ENJOY IT. Finish the track and start anew.


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